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Gourmet NFN an exclusive shoe store received special treatment from UNDFTD. The result is called a subtle colorway that the loan-Gourmet x Quattro NFN UNDFTD. These special Hi-top sneaker is less complicated with just two large color, black and white. The top one shows the beautiful shoes look Placid situation. Displays all linen printed with non-grain leather, while black tongue and midsole is a perfect contrast. He received a pair of cords bright red color that symbolizes life, so the shoe gives life and attractive. And finally, the inner lining nike air max and outsole in white. UNDFTD cooperation with the shoe, identified by colored logo embossed on the side. You will be able to identify? If the ANC Gourmet Quattro x UNDFTD is one of your own, a visit anytime UNDFTD stores on February 13 for official release. If you're a PlayStation junkie, you might as well be happy with new coach Nike 1 Mid G. colorful.

Even if you're not a sneaky person, you can play your favorite games on the Virtual Console with new coach Mid Nike 1 masterpiece.The characterized by PS3-inspired appearance, the use of leather around the top trait characterized. It is a focal point from the mixed colors like purple, yellow, brown, black and green. Flywire design was the main table, a gradient is the swoosh, which is fading red to black with purple and green like the edges. Purple stitching used to connect the panels and also generates a detailed focus nike air max 93 uk on all the curves. The unique white unit with fresh air in the heel, it is desirable requirement clear and clean down. Extra features are just the investment of bright pink and blue liner.Since bluetongue is just one example of a model for the official release is expected in the future.The new Air Jordan 1 Low Phat first place is ready, release, and this is good because we see previews for some time now, we have always been inspired by the actual release. The skin in these monochrome is beautiful and just what is expected of them. The package will be a red pair with the midsole in exchange for a red sole and a pair of white and blue with matching midsole blue and white. There will be a model sewn in the middle of the plate area and toe. The model is stitched a triangular design with two triangles and right inverted alternately in two directions. These are two for sale now, at the time of writing, you will receive it for yourself?

Par airmaxshox le lundi 22 août 2011


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